Dr. Hoskinson and his friendly staff would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We proudly serve patients in the Scotia, Schenectady, Glenville and Amsterdam areas of New York with premier orthodontic care. Our office is full of smiles and laughter as well as the cutest dog in all of New York, Elsie! Dr. Hoskinson happily provides orthodontic treatment to children, teens and adults; it is never too early or too late for orthodontic treatment. Our patients always come number one and their oral heath is the priority. Check out what some of our patients have said about their time with us here at Hoskinson Orthodontics!

Hoskinson Orthodontics

“We chose Hoskinson Orthodontics because Dr. Hoskinson is kind, friendly and very good with kids. When we were initially looking for an orthodontist we visited another place and afterward my daughter was quick to choose Hoskinson, which I was also in agreement to. Dr. Hoskinson and staff bring me back to explain things and show me what’s going on which I really appreciate. The care and treatment here are exceptional and all their staff is friendly and very helpful.”

Nicole S.

“Dr. Hoskinson and his staff do a great job from beginning to end and so kind and fun!”

Mike and Amy

“I can’t even put into words what a great experience we have had with Dr. Hoskinson and his staff for our children’s orthodontic treatment. The thought of getting braces was very scary for both of our teenage girls, but we quickly realized that Dr. Hoskinson and his lovely staff were not only knowledgeable but also kind-hearted. We travel from Johnstown every month (and sometimes more than once a month) and we have never thought twice about it. It is SO worth the trip. Simply put, this office is amazing.”

Christine L.

“We have been very pleased with our experience with Hoskinson Orthodontics from start to finish. Dr. Hoskinson and his staff have been friendly, professional, and kind without exception. We would highly recommend them!!”

The Boussa family

“We had an excellent experience with Dr. Hoskinson Orthodontics. The treatment process for our daughter was clearly explained during our initial consultation and we felt very confident with the progress updates that we received along the way. We consistently had friendly interactions with those at the front desk as well as the team of technicians working alongside Dr. Hoskinson. We highly recommend this Orthodontic practice to children or adults who are looking to brighten their smile.”

Steve Prettyman

“I am extremely pleased with the care that my children receive with Dr. Hoskinson. From day one, we have all felt very comfortable in his office. The entire staff is very kind. Scheduling appointments is easy and the front desk also makes working with the insurance company a smooth process. The orthodontic staff has always patiently explained everything they are doing to my children. I also really appreciate the cleanliness of the office. I respect Dr. Hoskinson’s approach and comprehensive treatment plans.
I highly recommend Dr. Hoskinson to everyone looking for orthodontic care.”

Sarah S.

“Wonderful orthodontist!! Dr. Hoskinson has helped both of my children with their orthodontic treatments, and I highly recommend him and his staff! Dr. Hoskinson is very skilled, professional, and kind. His staff members are always very friendly and professional. They will take time for you and communicate clearly with you in regard to your treatment and care. His expertise has greatly helped my children. My family and I are very grateful for him!!”

Mary B.

“A smile is forever; except my son didn’t want to share his smile. He was missing some permanent teeth where baby teeth had been. Some would say this is unique and he is one of a kind; however, I wanted him to share the smile that was hidden. Dr. Hoskinson and his wonderful staff helped my son smile again. A beaming, radiant smile. For this, I am forever grateful. Yes, he needed braces, there were many appointments over a span of years.

Dr. H. and his staff are professional, welcoming, supportive and efficient in their work. I appreciate their timeliness for appointments from a working parent perspective and for having my son not miss out on school/education time. My son’s records had to be transferred for baby teeth removal and wisdom teeth removal and they always followed through. Excellent customer service that is hard to find in this day and age. This practice comes highly recommended.”

Richelle LaPolt

“Dr. Hoskinson is not only a wonderful doctor when it comes to treating children, he is equally wonderful at NOT treating them. My slow growing son was first seen by Dr. Hoskinson in 2003 because his teeth were crowded. Since he still had many baby teeth and a lot of growing to do, we were told to return in 6 months to a year for observation. This pattern repeated for six years. Finally, in 2009, baby teeth were gone and his mouth had finally grown.. Dr. Hoskinson informed us that there was no longer any crowding and orthodontics were not needed. The total cost for SIX YEARS of observation and advice? $60! Not $60 per appointment, which I would have expected, but $60 TOTAL. Dr. Hoskinson truly has the childs’s best interests in mind. He is not out to put braces on every child who walks through his doors. He is as fair and honest as he is knowledgeable. I highly recommend him and his staff to anyone who even questions the need for orthodontics.

Thank you, Dr. Hoskinson, and your whole staff, for all of the years of expert and compassionate care.”

Sharon Cutler

“I have had both the misfortune and fortune of getting to know Dr. Hoskinson’s practice very well over the last four years. The misfortune is only because all three of my children have required orthodontic services. The good fortune is that my dentist insisted that we go to Dr. Hoskinson’s office. She said she sent her two sons to Dr. Hoskinson and she feels he has the best orthodontic practice in the region. And so we have been going every month for four years ever since. Dr. Hoskinson and his office staff have truly been a pleasure to deal with. The office is run so smoothly and efficiently; it should be a model for all doctor’s offices. The practice is quite high tech and Dr. Hoskinson has every piece of dental information about each patient at his fingertips. He always reviews the records and amazingly remember even the smallest details about each of my children’s dental issues. Despite his six and a half feet stature, Dr. Hoskingson is a gentle giant who always makes the kids laugh with his garbage can basketball antics. Every member of his office staff is pleasant and knowledgeable. The wait time in his office is so short that I barely get to satisfy my People magazine fix (the office has a terrific magazine selection). The office always reminds patients of upcoming appointments via e-mail and phone and when we still forget, they are great at rescheduling an appointment quickly. My whole family is quite happy with Dr. Hoskinson’s practice. My children always have fabulous results and they feel so much more confident with their terrific smiles. I recommend Dr. Hoskinson to all my friends and everyone has been very happy with the practice.”

Paddi McGrinder

“Both my daughter and I had a great experience at Dr. Hoskinson’s office. 99.9% of the time appointments are on schedule and you are in and out in a timely fashion. Everyone works well with kids and puts them right at ease……plus the ladies are fun and entertaining to watch. Great location and easy parking is also a major plus!”

The Conroy’s

“Having 4 children under Dr. Hoskinson’s care, I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else. I have been visiting the office regularly for 8 years and have always been greeted so warmly by his professional staff, even when I have had to tell them” my dog ate the retainer”. The office runs very efficiently and they have always been so accommodating trying to schedule multiple kids at the same time. Dr. Hoskinson’s knowledge, gentle manner, and sense of humor are always appreciated. Two of my children are now out of braces and I couldn’t have asked for better results!”

The Thompson’s

“All three of our children are currently patients of Dr. Hoskinson. We are extremely pleased with the quality of care that is provided by Dr. Hoskinson and everyone in the office. We particularly like that the children are the main focus and are included in discussions and given the opportunity to ask questions. They, therefore, feel very comfortable, enjoy coming and actually have fun! How often can you say that about children and doctors? We find everyone to be very professional, efficient, friendly and happy. The technology and treatments that are used are vey up-to-date, but bottom line, we are so grateful for the beautiful and healthy smiles. We feel these smiles, along with the confidence they provide, are so important as our children find their place in the world. We will continue to tell all of our friends about you!”

Susan and Lloyd Hale

“My experience with Dr. Hoskinson and his staff could not have been better. As a man in my fifties who had never had orthodontic treatment before, I was wary about the possible success I’d see. I had minimal trouble adjusting to the braces and the support and help I received was fantastic. The result surpassed all of my expectations and everything happened just as Dr. H. said it would. My new smile was delivered on time with no extra costs and the improvement in the look, feel and maintenance of my teeth is incredible. I highly recommend Hoskinson Orthodontics….for persons of ANY age!”

Tom Bodden, Scotia

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If you are interested in an orthodontic consultation we encourage you to contact us at our Scotia office. We are always looking to add new members to the Hoskinson Orthodontics’ family and Elsie can never have enough pats on the head! We hope to hear from you soon!

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