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At Hoskinson Orthodontics it is our goal to not only create beautiful smiles, but healthy smiles. We understand that it is a big decision to begin orthodontic treatment and that is why we strive to provide the best in orthodontic care to our patients in the Scotia, Schenectady, Glenville and Amsterdam areas. Teens often have reservations about starting orthodontic treatment when they think about traditional metal braces, which is why we are happy to offer the Invisalign Teen system.

Hoskinson Orthodontics
Hoskinson Orthodontics

The Invisalign Teen System

The Invisalign Teen system is a great way for your teen to straighten their smile with confidence. This system utilizes new technology along with traditional orthodontic principles in order to create the perfect smile. Each patient still has an individual treatment plan devised by Dr. Hoskinson depending on your orthodontic case. A set of aligners will slowly move your teeth into the desired position determined by Dr. Hoskinson.

How Exactly Does It Work?

As mentioned, after your child visits with Dr. Hoskinson he or she will be on a specific orthodontic plan. This plan will consist of a series of clear aligners that will slowly shift their teeth into a straight smile. Depending on the treatment plan your teen could have anywhere from 18-30 different aligners. Each set of aligners will be worn for about two weeks and can be removed for eating, drinking and brushing. Typically Dr. Hoskinson would like for Invisalign Teen patients to come in for check ups every 4-5 weeks to inspect the progress of your teen’s orthodontic process.

Benefits Of Invisalign Teen

The most obvious benefit of Invisalign Teen is that it will straighten your teenager’s smile! Beyond creating a beautifully straight smile many people find it beneficial that it is virtually invisible to the naked eye. No one will have to know that your teen is undergoing orthodontic treatment besides the patient and Dr. Hoskinson. Another great aspect of Invisalign Teen is that the clear aligners are removable making it easier to eat, brush and floss teeth.

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If your teenager is in need of orthodontic treatment but hesitant because of traditional metal braces then Invisalign Teen is the answer for you. Should you have any further questions about Invisalign Teen or simply wish to book an appointment with Dr. Hoskinson please don’t hesitate to contact our Scotia, New York office. We look forward to seeing you!